Outdoor Games for Kids

In today’s era where electronic gadgets and smartphones are almost everywhere, it is important that we encourage our kids to go out and have some fun.   Naturally, kids love to stay out and play. And with all the distractions that they have these days, you need to get the best idea on how you would be able to lure them to stay away from the computer.

kids outdoor

As a parent, you have the responsibility to cheer your kids to go out and play some fun outdoor games. So after you’re down shopping for the best baby products, it’s time for you to look for best outdoor game ideas for your kids. There are too many options. Many enough to get your kid’s attention and will make them get up from the couch or the computer chair.

What’s the Best Game to Choose?

Truly, there are too many outdoor games for kids. You can even create your own game if you want to. However, you have to remember that not all of these games would work best for your kids. It’s always a matter of knowing what suits your kids. You can think of the factors such as your kid’s age, capabilities and interest. You can only have them go out and play if they do like the game. Another thing that you need to consider is your resources. Do you have wider area to accommodate some sporting game? You also have to think about your kid’s safety. Choose the game that doesn’t enforce any threat or danger to your kids. Finally, the best outdoor game will help your kids to develop physically, socially and even emotionally.

Outdoor Game Suggestions

In order to help you find the best outdoor games you can let your kids play, here are some of the suggested games that you might want to consider.

Hide and Seek

This is probably one of the most played outdoor games for kids. Even you have already this. This doesn’t really require any tools or equipment, but is absolutely fun. Just make sure that your kids don’t go out of the fence for their safety. It will only require at least 3 players. And you can even join them.

Outdoor Treasure Hunting

What is more fun and exciting than to hunt for a price? You can organize a mini outdoor treasure hunt. You just have to hide some stuff around. Each item should have an equivalent price. A thought of getting a price always work for little kids.

Pistol Paint

With this game, make sure that you don’t mind them getting wet and messy. All you need to have are some water pistol, some washable paint of different colors and wide piece of paper mounted on the wall or a tree outside. It serves as a good firing target.

Jump Rope

jumpThis game has so many variations. But it definitely offers a whole similar fun. You just need to prepare a rope and two players to hold both ends. Some are even chanting while jumping inside. Once he touches, it will be the other player’s turn.

These are just some of the best outdoor games for kids. There are still too many to choose from. Start taking your pick!

How to Play Safe in the Tent

Do you want to give your kids some fun this summer? Then you can let them experience the outside adventure in their very own special place to play, a kiddie tent. You definitely know how kids love to play inside a play they consider their own mini house. They want to have a place where they consider their hideout.


However, since they will be a commonly enclosed area, your main concern is their safety. It’s great to let them explore things on their own, but kids as they are. They are always susceptible to bumps and drops. Yet, that should not let you stop them from having a great time inside the tent.

In order to put yourself at ease, it is important that you need the best tips about how to let your little ones play safe in a tent. As they always say, prevention is better than cure. Unless you know how to keep your kids safe in the tent, you can’t have the peace of mind that you want.

Safety First

Almost all parents know this. But unfortunately not everyone knows how to apply it. Just like finding the best car seats for kids, you also need to find the best tent for kids. Or if you decided to have some DIY tent at home, make sure that it’s the most ideal one.

After having the best tent ideas, it’s time to choose the right and the safest location to put up the tent. You definitely know which part of the house is the safest area for kids. It should be away from harmful equipment. Most of all, it should be an area where you can see them easily even if you’re doing some chores at home. You surely know that your supervision is a must for their safety. The safety of your kids when they’re in the tent is very much dependent on you.

Safety Tips and Ideas

One thing that makes the tent safer for kids is how you make it, or its design. For instance, do you know that most of the time kids are getting trapped inside the tent because they don’t have the easiest access to open the tent from the inside? Not to forget about having good ventilation inside, especially if the tent is located inside the house, mounted on a wall. Suffocation is possible if the kids stay long enough inside a closed tent area.

The level of risk can even be greater if you put the tent outside your home. In that case, adult supervision is necessary. There should really be someone who would keep an eye on the kids all the time. You also have to consider other factors such as insects, mosquitos and other animals around. Some repellant lotion will come handy.

When you go for some DIY tent, make sure that you only use safe materials. Make the tent sturdy to keep it from falling apart which might hurt your kid in the process. Kid jumps, pulls, rolls and do all other stunts which might cause the tent to fall or rip off. When buying one, go with the ones that suit your kids and your place.



Help your kids live their childhood


This is something really exciting that would help your kids enjoy the most in their child hood. You must have remembered about the child hood stories of fairies, riddles and many more with castles in them. Now these kids play tents would work like a castle for them where the kids would take their stuffs and make their house or castle. These tents are made from a synthetic and stretchable material which would let your kid play in the most comfortable manner. With the playful and enjoyment filled life of kids, these tents are going to carry a great significant in all level. The tents are designed in either a hexagonal manner or are made in the form of a castle. They can easily fit into any room or especially if the kids have their own room. They can sleep comfortably inside that tent and feel the enjoyment of playing inside that.

These play tents are handy to carry even to the places you want. Due to such convenience they would really comfort your kids with no extra effort being implemented with comforting your kids. There are a lot more important points which would further be noted as a part connecting the kids play tent and their childhood.

Play tents and picnics:-

These play tents are going to serve the comfort to the kids while you are travelling out or you are going for a picnic. For that you can tie these kids play tents at a corner and make the space utilized with the small and cute tents. These tents are going to act as a protection to the kids with no extra efforts done to safe guard them from the scorching heat of the sun. You can extend the service with small pillows and beddings inside the tents and give them a perfect space to rest.

Tents and your home:-

For the kids, their rooms are always special. To make that more special you can take the help of these tents which would give you the comfort inside the home even. The space would get occupied with giving you a maximum of comfort and out of tension with looking forward to a better solution with that. The tents are going to provide with a maximum of benefits for kids to stay safe and develop a positive attitude. The space inside the home can be occupied with a small temporary set of tent which would let you understand how the tents are going to get your kids with positivity.

Quality of the tents:-

The quality of tents is also an important factor to consider. These are going to give you a security that the tents would last longer and would give your kids a perfect protection with comfort of playing inside them. These tents are made from synthetic materials, fibres and various kinds of long lasting materials. To make that perfect there are other factors which you should consider before choosing a tent with no extra choice of others.


The tents for kids are now available online. with that you can buy the best and make the maximum of the utility to get the tents for your kids.